Chinese Active Citizens are individuals in the UK who want to make a difference in their community. CACUK are made of people, trusted and valued in the community with various skills and from difference parts of the country. The aim is to improve the lives of people living in our community.

Our dedication is to work locally and inspire people to give. We help people and organisations to invest in local communities where it is most needed and where it will make the most impact. CACUK delivers many projects throughout the year; this can be helping communities to plan their future, developing community skills to run groups efficiently and providing support to local groups and schools.


We host a series of events and workshops each year. These activities are designed to bring together partners, facilitators and participants from various backgrounds around the region. Through these events, like-minded individuals can network, share learning and understand the value of intercultural dialogue.

CACUK also provide or assist in the provision of facilities for education, advice, services and recreational and leisure time activities for local communities.

We run community projects and events to encourage community integration and raise awareness of the Chinese culture, not only for Chinese community members but also for local people.


  • To establish quality Community Services
  • To promote and increase the well-being of the Chinese Community in the UK
  • To liaise with the statutory and voluntary agencies to meet the needs of the Chinese Community
  • To promote integration and social harmony
  • To promote cultural exchanges between Chinese and non-Chinese Community
  • To establish good relationships with the local authority in the UK